Guestbook - The First Liberation of 1918. Écourt-Saint-Quentin, France

The First Liberation of 1918
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Benjamin Keevil
17 Jan 2022
Michel, the way you told the story of the first liberation on September 3, 1918, of about 45 residents trapped in the German occupied village of Écourt-Saint-Quentin, France, is fascinating.

By comparing the war journals of a CEF soldier and a citizen we experience both aspects of the battle; for example:

* While Kenner was busy with maneuvers, Clémence was living in fear in Écourt-Saint-Ouentin.
Also, the then and now photos and the rare movie footage adds a realistic view of the liberation.

Please try to keep this book online at for at least a few years and consider publishing it on demand or as a PDF document. I purchased your “Nous Sommes” book that contains very detailed photos and maps.

From my view, the forgotten story you told is an important addition to our CEF history. Our CEF 87th battalion and the critical Battles of Arras need more recognition.

Lest we forget,

Benjamin Keevil

floyd Low
03 Jan 2022

Saw your Zoom show recently with COBWFA

Your site is fantastique!

Happy New Year

Floyd Low
31 Oct 2021
Great job Michel. Looking forward to seeing you on the Western Front during my next pilgrimage.
Larry Di Girolamo
30 Oct 2021
Impressive to say the least. Mr. Gravel weaves in a scholarly approach at telling a great story that allows the reader to easily transport themselves into Ecourt-Saint-Quentin to understand the struggles of its citizens and the Canadians that liberated them.
Christiane Richer
27 Oct 2021
J ai vraiment apprécier Très bien écrit beaucoup de photos et surtout cela fait de notre histoire felicitation et merci de nous faire connaître l implication de nos soldats en France
Helene Gravel
24 Oct 2021
Excellent old photos and maps.
Renée Claire Gravel
24 Oct 2021
Congratulation on your Book
very interesting
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