The First Liberation of 1918. Écourt-Saint-Quentin, France

The First Liberation of 1918
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Welcome to my website.

This website is the English language adaptation of my 2010 book (in French), Nous sommes Français, les Canadiens et les délivrés d'Écourt-Saint-Quentin, 3 septembre, 1918. For an English language review of this book click here.

It is the story of the first French civilians liberated during the military campaign of 1918, during the last year of the Great War (World War 1).

This webpage is, in fact, a book, so expect some reading. Please view the pages one at a time, in sequence. To this end I have added a Next page button at the top and bottom of most pages. Take heart, there are lots of pictures and maps. Make sure to scroll down to the bottom of the page before changing page as most of the maps and photos are at the bottom.

Move the mouse over the photos to reveal de captions.

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The newsreel that started this all!
(Play in fullscreen if you are reading this on a smartphone.)
A conference I made with the Western Front Association in December, 2021.
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