Sources - The First Liberation of 1918. Écourt-Saint-Quentin, France

The First Liberation of 1918
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Publications :

Cercle d’Études Historique d’Écourt Saint Quentin, number 8, December 2008

The War Illustrated, 5th October 1918

Le Panorama de la Guerre 1914-1919, Issue 116

L’Illustration, 14, September 1918

The Illustrated London News, September 21, 1918

The New York Times, September 5th, 1918

War Diaries:

All are available online and Library and Archives Canada.
4th Canadian Division

10th & 11th Canadian Infantry Brigades

44th, 46th, 47th, 50th, 54th, 85th, 87th, and 4th Canadian Mounted Rifle Battalions

3rd, 4th Brigades & 8th Army Brigade, Canadian Field Artillery

…and the most important works which are the cornerstone of this book:

Kentner, George, Some Recollections of the Battles of World War 1: unpublished

Leroy, Clémence, Sous le Joug: privately published by Claude Belin circa 2010

The author’s own investigations in the field
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